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Our Process


Countertop World’s quality of work relies heavily on digital templating technology. By using The LT-2D3D Laser Templator, we are able to capture the dimensions precisely, even taking into account any bowed walls or imperfections of the cabinets so your countertops will fit like a glove.

Digital templating is faster and more accurate than traditional methods. We are even able to to template around your existing countertops, so you will not have to wait days without a working kitchen while your new countertops are being fabricated. This allows us to provide a better experience. We can transfer data from hundreds of miles away to the shop where work can begin immediately on the project.

Investing in digital templating technology and eliminating wood templates also gives us another area to lower our environmental footprint.



The template is taken straight from the laser templator program and straight to our Park Industries Saberjet CNC Sawjet where we are able to obtain maximum slab yield and precise lines and arcs that are not possible when using dated fabrication tools.

From simple sink cut-outs to intricate vein-matched waterfall islands, these jobs are made possible using the latest, top-rated technology in the stone fabrication industry. This saw also allows us to be a completely dust free shop, unlike other local fabricators who still use hand fabrication tools that creates a lot of dust in the air, putting the employees health and safety at risk.


Edges are everything! You can tell the talent of your fabricator by how well the edges are polished. Poor edge-work will leave an inconsistent wavy profile and a dull polish will hide the beauty of the stone. By combining experienced hand fabricators with the Marmo-Meccanica LCV-711M, one of the top rated polishing machines on the market, our edge details are second to none.



Your stone countertops are cut and polished using water. With the HydroClear™ System from Park Industries® water recycling system, we are able to use 70% less water than any of our local competitors while fabricating your countertops.

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